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May 15 will be the Shukla Paksha Tritiya Tithi of Hindi month Vaishakha in Vikram Samvat 2078. The Tritiya tithi will last up to 7.59 am while the sunrise will take place at 5.30 am. According to Hindu Panchnag, the tithi is depicted as per the sunrise time. The day will be Shaniwara (Saturday). On Shaniwara, Hindus worship Lord Shani to please him and seek blessings for good fortune. The day is also dedicated to the goddess Kali and Lord Hanuman. Know about the tithi, timings, Nakshatra, and other details for May 15.

Sunrise and Sunset time for May 15:

Sunrise time – 05:30 am

Sunset time – 07.05 pm

Moonrise time – 07.51 am

Moonset time – 10.21 pm

Tithi, Nakshatra, and Rashi Details for May 15:

Tritiya Tithi will prevail up to 7.59 am and then it will be Chaturthi tithi for the whole day. The Nakshatra will be Mrigashirsha upto 08:39 am, laterArdra will start. Sun has transitioned to Vrishabha Rashi and will prevail for a couple of days. Moon will be in Mithuna Rashi for today.

Shubh Muhurats on May 15:

In the Hindu community, auspicious and inauspicious timeframes play an important role in planning for anywork. It is believed that any work which is done on shubh muhurat brings fortune. Out of all the auspicious times, Abhijit Muhurat that is called to be the most auspicious will prevail from 11:50 am to 12:45 pm on May 15.

Vijaya Muhurta: 02:33 pm to 03:28 pm

Godhuli Muhurta: 06:51 pm to 07:15 pm

Inauspicious timings for May 15:

The period which is believed to be under the influence of Rahu is known as the most inauspicious muhurat. It is also known as Rahu Kalam. On May 15, this will take place between 08:54 am and 10:36 am. Other inauspicious muhurats are:

Yamaganda: 01:59 pm to 03:41 pm

Varjyam: 05:57 pm to 07:44 pm

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