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World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) legend CM Punk’s distaste towards his former boss Vince McMahon is quite known at this point. I mean who would not harbour resentment towards their boss after getting fired on their wedding day.Punk is a vocal critic of WWE chief and on Thursday, when presented with an opportunity to take a dig at McMahon, he could not resist.

During WWE’s Monday Night RAW episode, American wrestler Charlotte Flair appeared in the commentary box. Sharing a picture of herself from the commentary panel, Flair on Thursday asked her followers to caption it.

Responding to her post, CM Punk took a sly dig at WWE Chairman.

Despite owning a wrestling company, McMahon does not like the use of the said word and he prefers people calling it sports entertainment. And Punk used this knowledge to poke fun at WWE boss.

McMahon also has this habit of barking commands in the ears of announcers from backstage. And Punk had earlier admitted that he used to find his role at the commentary, quite stressful.

Punk made a regular appearance in WWE commentary during his time with the sports entertainment company.

Punk also shared one such occasion when he lowered the value of the mike due to McMahon on the Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette podcast in 2020.

“I remember the first night on commentary, Vince started yelling in my headset. I elbowed Lawler. I wrote a note to him asking which is the volume bottom,” Punk said, before adding, “He pointed to it and I turned it all the way down. When we took the headsets off after the show, I was like, ‘Did you not know you can do that?’ He said we are going to get yelled at.”

However, Punk also went on to claim that “Vince never said anything” to him.

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